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We provide instruction for a variety of instruments and musical focuses, from voice and drums to songwriting and production! Please tell us what you are interested in and we will work to find the right instructor for you. Tuition includes a monthly Grow Class as well as discounts for any Honor Creation Workshops and Masterclasses.

Private Instruction 

We recommend one on one for best results

$30 | 30 minute lesson

$40 | 45 minute lesson

$50 | 60 minute lesson

Group Instruction 

Invite a friend to learn with you!

2 students for 30 minutes

3 students for 45 minutes

$20 | student


We do two recitals a year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Our Fall recital is called Flourish. This recital is focused on the joy and individuality of music. Each student gets their own private performance session where friends and family can come support them in their musical journey.
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In the spring, we have our Ovation recital. At Ovation, all of the students will gather together to perform in front of their friends and families. Prior to the recital, the students will perform for a jury to be critiqued, encouraged and given feedback to improve their performance.
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