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HCSM Artistry Program

(Coming 2020)


We are very excited to kick off our Artistry Program in 2020. This is an audition based program designed to equip aspiring songwriters, producers, and performing artists. HCSM Artistry Program will be a 3 semester long program, with the ultimate goal of releasing a fully produced 5 song EP. 

Semester 1: Envision - Find your sound

Semester 2: Create - Write and record

Semester 3: Inspire - Finish the EP and release publicly

If you are intersted in the program, we highly suggest taking piano lessons in the months leading up to auditions. It is not manditory, but will help bulid a foundation that will be greatly beneficial to the program - even if you are already well versed in other instruments.

Hang tight - more information will be coming out in the coming months!

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